CFP: "Speech Act Theory: New Developments and Applications"

Speech act theory has enjoyed a revival as the problems arising on the border of semantics and pragmatics are mounting. Numerous philosophers have reached for methodologies and tools originating from the seminal works of J. L. Austin and J. Searle in order to shed light on such phenomena as expressive and evaluative language, slurs, lying and misleading, or disagreement. Meanwhile, considerable work has also been done on achieving a better understanding of what goes on in the conversational score when speakers “do things with words”, that is, the normative and epistemic surroundings of the conversation. To this special issue of Semiotic Studies, we would like to invite papers connected with new applications of the speech act-theoretic devices, as well as those which present new work on the paradigm itself.

We invite contributions relating, but not limited to:

- new applications of speech act theory

- new formulations of the speech act theory

- problems related to the conversational dynamics

- problems in philosophy of language which can be studied within the speech act paradigm

We invite original contributions written in English. The manuscripts should
be submitted by August 31st 2022.

Guidelines regarding submissions.

Please, submit your manuscript by sending it to: AND to

Guest-editor: Natalia Karczewska, Ph.D.