Volume XXIX, 2017

Stanisław Krajewski
Andrzej Grzegorczyk (1922–2014)
pp. 5-38
Jerzy Pelc
Barbara Stanosz (born in Warsaw 8th January 1935 died in Warsaw, 7 th June 2014)
pp. 39-47
Cezary Cieśliński
Paradoxes of Barbara Stanosz
pp. 48-61
Paweł Grabarczyk
Directival Theory of Meaning Resurrected
pp. 62-81
Filip Kawczyński
Two Models of Propositional Structure
pp. 82-106
Mateusz Łełyk, Bartosz Wcisło
Strong and Weak Truth Principles
pp. 107-126
Olga Poller
All the Superhero’s Names
pp. 127-158
Krzysztof Posłajko
Semantic Deflationism, Public Language Meaning, and Contextual Standards of Correctness
pp. 159-179
Natalia Karczewska
Evaluative Adjectives – an Attempt at a Classification
pp. 180-200
Adrian Ziółkowki
The Reference of Proper Names, Semantic Intuitions, and Experimental Philosophy
pp. 201-247
Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska
Are There Any Subsentential Speech Acts?
pp. 248-271
Piotr Konderak
The Conscious Semiotic Mind
pp. 272-292
The complete volume XXIX