Tom 31 Nr 2 (2017): STUDIA SEMIOTYCZNE

Piotr Stalmaszczyk, Editorial, s. 5–11

Mieszko Tałasiewicz, Mental Files. Triggering Mechanisms, Metadata and ‘Discernibility of Identicals’, s. 13–34

Hsiang-Yun Chen, Intentional Identity and Coordination, s. 35–51

Filip Kawczyński, Is Meaning Holism Compatible with Semantic Minimalism?, s. 53–75

Adriano Marques da Silva, I-Semantics: Foundational Questions, s. 77–112

Joanna Klimczyk, "Ought", Agents and Ambiguity that Matters, s. 113–138

Erich Rast, Metalinguistic Value Disagreement, s. 139–159

Federico L.G. Faroldi, Andrés Soria Ruiz, The Scale Structure of Moral Adjectives, s. 161–178

Jakub Gomułka, Jan Wawrzyniak, The Liar Paradox from the Wittgensteinian Perspective, s. 179–199

Filippo Batisti, Linguistic Relativity and Its Relation to Analytic Philosophy, s. 201–226

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