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Piotr Stalmaszczyk, Editorial, pp. 5–11 [PDF]

Mieszko Tałasiewicz, Mental Files. Triggering Mechanisms, Metadata and ‘Discernibility of Identicals’, pp. 13–34 [PDF] [Abstract]

Hsiang-Yun Chen, Intentional Identity and Coordination, pp. 35–51 [PDF] [Abstract]

Filip Kawczyński, Is Meaning Holism Compatible with Semantic Minimalism?, pp. 53–75 [PDF] [Abstract]

Adriano Marques da Silva, I-Semantics: Foundational Questions, pp. 77–112 [PDF] [Abstract]

Joanna Klimczyk, "Ought", Agents and Ambiguity that Matters, pp. 113–138 [PDF] [Abstract]

Erich Rast, Metalinguistic Value Disagreement, pp. 139–159 [PDF] [Abstract]

Federico L.G. Faroldi, Andrés Soria Ruiz, The Scale Structure of Moral Adjectives, pp. 161–178 [PDF] [Abstract]

Jakub Gomułka, Jan Wawrzyniak, The Liar Paradox from the Wittgensteinian Perspective, pp. 179–199 [PDF] [Abstract]

Filippo Batisti, Linguistic Relativity and Its Relation to Analytic Philosophy, pp. 201–226 [PDF] [Abstract]
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